IR-Insights demonstrates its research & insights passion for helping customers make successful business decisions by applying the best tools, methods, knowledge and actual business experience. In every project!

IR-INSIGHTS Market Research & Insights consultancy, was founded after a combined 50+ years in the Industry. Combining experience from well know agencies in the Industry like Nielsen, NielsenIQ, GfK and Universal Media (Mediaplanning and -buying; an IPG company).  Serving and supporting clients like Cloëtta, Danone, DSM Firmenich, FrieslandCampina, HP, ING, Reckitt and Samsung. Across Benelux & wider Europe but also Africa, Middle-East, Apac to the America's. From local to global projects. And managing and developing successful businesses locally and around the globe. Our offices are in Amsterdam (NL) and Santiago (Chile).

What type of market research and insights are you searching for?

  • Concept testing (ad, brand, logo, product, packaging)
  • Brand and campaign tracking
  • Consumer/customer Journey study
  • Market segmentation study
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Feasibility study
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Price study
  • Other, more ad hoc studies

At IR-Insights we pride ourselves to be more than just another market research agency.

We recognize that every company is unique and that is why we differentiate ourselves through:


With over 5 decades of collective managerial advice in market research & insights, our team brings unparalleled experience to the table. Our recommendations are founded on a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

We don't rely solely on market data, we consider the context of your business and our own industry experience


We believe in providing a seamless & efficient research process. When your work with IR-Insights, you collaborate directly with a dedicated team that remains involved from start to finish. Say goodbye to passing through different departments at each step of the process.

We ensure continuity and build a strong partnership with you throughout the project.


We recognise that standard solutions may not always address your unique requirements. Whether you need a standard research approach or something more customized, we have the expertise to deliver the insights you seek.

That's why we specialize in crafting creative solid and context-based project design, tailored to your special needs.   


As a reputable team of market research & insights specialists, we not only rely on data-driven insights but also prioritize transparency and trustworthiness. Our strong link to academia ensures a wider perspective, allowing us to employ innovative research methodologies that effectively help you achieve your insight goals.

By maintaining open & honest practices, we strive to provide you with reliable, credible results.

Our exceptional team is here to support you!

Bringing together the best pillars for doing great research to deliver actionable insights. Based on extensive knowledge and decades of experience in building successful companies and business cases.

Our research & consultancy teams are managed by:


  • Dr. Naomi Muñoz Vilches, Lead Research, PhD at Wageningen University & Research, with an international career in consumer research, agriculture and sustainable food quality management.
  • drs Ben van der Werf, Lead Consultant more than 25 years of experience in market research (including Nielsen and GfK) and developing successful companies and business units.
  • Paul van der Veer, Research Consultant More than 25 years of experience in media strategy, planning, execution and media research, including at Universal Media/IPG and SVB.

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'Sometimes the standard solution...

is not the right solution'


IR-Insights has an eye for context.


We demonstrate flexibility and innovation to gain better insights.

When you're NOT P&G, Unilever or




We place equal priority & dedication to

ALL our projects.

And go the extra mile (and beyond)!

IR-Insights carries out projects based on fundamental business values





We build research and advice based on 'Excellence'. We combine the best building blocks for thorough research and advice in every phase of the project.


For each project we appoint a dedicated team that remains involved from start to finish to connect all the dots in the most efficient way possible and apply our extensive knowledge and experience.


We operate with flexibility, active involvement and a proactive approach. We understand the broader context of your business and objectives and strive to provide excellent insights and advice. And our agile approach in combination with limited overhead allows us to deliver at competitive prices.


We maintain transparency and honesty in our interactions and promote an environment of trust and openness.

IR-INSIGHTS, the research-based consultancy company

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