Tracking of alcoholic beverage consumption preferences and behavior in Arab markets

A Retail Measurement Service on alcoholic beverages in the UAE

OBJECTIVE  Arabic countries have restrictions on sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In UAE several of the Emirates recently decided to relax the rules. The UAE has developed into fast growing hubs for the Arabic & Middle East region, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Together with the combination of attractive tax rulings,  fast growing non-arabic workforce (expats) and visitors (either for vacation or flight transfer) the market potential of the Emirates is huge for the alcoholic beverages category.

 As there hasn't been any syndicated research like NIQ Retail Measurement Service available, demand for a tracking of sales and consumer behavior to understand trends, market volume & -shares, distribution and consumer buying behavior emerged.

In this blog we describe how to set up a efficient ongoing tracker study to cover these different insights requirements and build a respected syndicated source of category information that would not only serve individual alcoholic beverages manufacturers and distributors and retailers, but also help developing this category towards further manageable growth and maturity.


Project approach

Together with our key client we designed a quant based consumer research project to cover these requirements. The setup of the study has been a weekly tracker asking representative samples of consumers ( segmented into Emirates, Emirati, expats and tourists) of alcoholic beverages about their consumption, POS, brands, frequency, etc. The weekly results are analyzed and put into insightful graphs showing kpi's, trends and changes over time, combined with key highlights and management summary.


Reporting Insights

 Through this setup next to insights into purchase behavior, point of sale, point of consumption, share of market & distribution, pricing, and developments and trends can be reported to interested clients on a 4-weekly, quarterly and annual base.


A reliable source of marketing information is made available to the industry for the region.