How to improve media ROI.

For more than 30 years I’ve been working as expert in the media business. I’ve experienced that the right media skills and work experience are important aspects for making convincing and sounding marketingcommunication plans. However, media planning has become more complex in recent decades. There are significantly more media channels of any sort for consumers. Undoubtfully, this has led to fragmentation. It has become much more difficult to build up effective reach for advertising campaigns, it has become easier for consumers to skip advertisements and the privacy law has been tightened, making data at personal level increasingly difficult to trace.

Fortunately, there is still a lot of data available. Meta and Google supply them in abundance. But is that data alone enough to increase media ROI? And does this also answer the question whether the turnover/sales of companies can be increased with that kind of data?  

So, if you are (co-) responsible for advertising in your company, please read on. 😊 

Measure Media Pressure in the right way 

First, if you want to measure the effect of campaigns on branding and sales KPIs, you need to consider the output of all media channels. This goes beyond easily measurable digital channels.  

Also, the media output of TV, out of home, print, radio, sampling teams, promotions and retail media, needs to be taken into account.  Second, don't just add up the grp’s and impressions. Media should be weighed by the value of each type and by size. Third: measure regularly and over a longer period of time.  

This data will present to you the learnings for optimizing running and future campaigns.

And Measure the Impact of Creatives

Brands are fighting for the attention of their customers. It is not the matter of outspending competition, but to outsmart them. The media clutter is big, and the attention divided.  Creatives that bear the right emotions, have an understandable storyline and a good message transfer, ensure that less media pressure (read money) is needed to achieve the same objectives. Therefore, test creatives at an early stage. With the new possibilities for ad concept testing, such as AI, facial coding and implicit reaction time questions (IRT) we are offering effective and smart solutions to improve ads on short notice and against affordable rates. This gains on short notice insights and smart optimization for essential elements of your creation 

Analyze the relation between Media, Creation, Mind, Intent and Behavior 

Insight into the communication trends and the power of creation is the fundament for media analysis. With the help of correlation and regression techniques, we can identify how the media plan works on mind, intent and behavior. It tells you which channel contributes well and which less. This way you know which buttons to turn to increase effectiveness and efficiency.  

We can help you improving your Media ROI

By doing back-data analysis of your campaigns, you are able to determine exactly your KPIs and which are the key drivers. Once you know what factors are relevant for increasing ROI, you are also able to optimize your current media plan and forecast new campaign strategies in terms of the right media mix, the size of the media budget and the phasing in time. Does this sound logical? Are you open to having a discussion on this subject? Don’t wait to contact us. We’ll help you in improving your media ROI. 

by Paul van der Veer, Research & client consultant