Arabic countries have restrictions on sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In UAE several of the Emirates recently decided to relax the rules. As there hasn't been any syndicated research like NIQ Retail Measurement Service available, demand for a tracking of sales and consumer behavior to understand trends, market volume & -shares, distribution and consumer buying behavior emerged. Together with our client a quant based consumer research project has been designed to cover these. The setup of the study has been a weekly tracker asking consumers of alcoholic beverages, split by Emirates, Emirati, expats and tourists, about their consumption, POS, brands, frequency, etc. 



"What happens in Vegas, stays in Las Vegas". A famous expression on what visitors do in Las Vegas should stay undisclosed. Nevertheless for the Tourism and Convention industry it is critical to understand how visitors prepare their visit, where they stay, what they do and how they spend their money. And visitors arrive from not just any state in the US but from all around the globe. Together with our client we set up a smart approach to interview vistors while still in Vegas by an invitation to participate on their mobile and share details of their journey in an anonymous efficient setup.



From pregnancy until children start eating solid food, for an (upcoming) mom there are several key moments when she is looking for information on baby food and how this is impacting her choice of baby-food. To understand those key moments and the respective importance of sources of information would help our client to optimize advertising & promotional planning and improving penetration and loyalty.

The research required a substantial sample with the low-IR target audience within a limited time-frame in combination with a smart efficient design of the questionnaire. 

Reach ≠ Reach

Have you noticed? All those Black Friday campaigns? The discounts are dazzling around, on TV, in social media and in newspapers. Who isn't sensitive to that?  

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How to improve media ROI.

For more than 30 years I’ve been working as expert in the media business. I’ve experienced that the right media skills and work experience are important aspects for making convincing and sounding marketingcommunication plans. However, media planning has become more complex in recent decades. There are significantly more media channels of any sort for consumers. Undoubtfully, this has led to fragmentation. It has become much more difficult to build up effective reach for advertising campaigns, it has become easier for consumers to skip advertisements and the privacy law has been tightened, making data at personal level increasingly difficult to trace.

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Understanding Sentiment Analysis: AI vs. Human Perspectives

In today's data-driven world, sentiment analysis plays a crucial role in understanding how people perceive products, services, and experiences. It provides valuable insights for businesses, marketers, and decision-makers. However, when it comes to sentiment analysis, there's an intriguing contrast between the perspectives of artificial intelligence (AI) and human analysts. In this blog post, we delve into world of sentiment analysis and explore the key differences between AI-generated sentiment scores and human judgment in the context of mental simulations. 

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Consumer Landscape in Chile: Trends and Insights

Chile, the slender South American nation wedged between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, is not just renowned for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its dynamic consumer market. With a population of approximately 19 million, Chile boasts a robust economy, buoyed by its thriving trade connections and growing consumer base. In this blog post, we delve into the heart of Chile's consumer landscape, exploring its demographics, spending patterns, retail preferences, and the intricacies of executing effective consumer research in this vibrant market. 

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The power of mental simulation

IMAGINE  You're about to indulge in your all-time favorite snack. Go ahead, close your eyes and let your imagination paint a vivid mental picture. Can you see it? Can you almost taste it, even feel its texture? That's the remarkable magic of mental simulation. It's as if desire and reality converge, sparking both cognitive and physiological reactions. And guess what? That's precisely what we marketers harness to capture attention and drive decisions. 

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Tracking of alcoholic beverage consumption preferences and behavior in Arab markets

OBJECTIVE  Arabic countries have restrictions on sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In UAE several of the Emirates recently decided to relax the rules. The UAE has developed into fast growing hubs for the Arabic & Middle East region, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Together with the combination of attractive tax rulings,  fast growing non-arabic workforce (expats) and visitors (either for vacation or flight transfer) the market potential of the Emirates is huge for the alcoholic beverages category.

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