Passionate about helping clients making successful decisions, by applying the best-in-class tooling, methods, knowhow and experience.  


IR-INSIGHTS Market Research & Insights consultancy, was founded after a combined 50+ years in the Industry. Combining experience from well know agencies in the Industry like Nielsen, NielsenIQ, GfK and Universal Media (Mediaplanning and -buying; an IPG company)  and clients like Cloëtta, Danone, Firmenich, FrieslandCampina, HP, ING, Reckitt and Samsung from Africa, Middle-East, Europe, Apac to the America's. From local to global projects. And managing and developing successful businesses locally and around the globe.

We recognize that every company is unique and that is why we differentiate ourselves through:Experience, dedication, flexibility and innovative & transparent research.

Our Management & Consultancy team

drs Ben van der Werf

Lead consultant

dr Naomí Muñoz Vilches 

Lead researcher

Paul van der Veer

Research consultant


“My 25+ years of professional experience, working in international roles for established companies like Nielsen, NIQ, GfK and for innovative challengers brought me an extensive, almost unique understanding of the wide range of insights solutions. And building successful businesses as a business leader, I learned that business success depends on a broad and in-depth understanding of the customer, the category and the country to apply this in making relevant, innovative, smart business decisions.

This combination of knowhow and experience I will apply to bring insights into the wider business context to really understand how to drive decisions into building your successful business cases.


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Business economics and marketing (Prof. Jan Bunt) 
  • Marketing. manager Advertising & Audience/ Readership research at The Dutch Newspaper Association
  • Managing director BBC Netherlands, Dutch market Leader in Advertising Research, sold to Nielsen in 2005
  • Regional managing director Nielsen Media for Benelux and Nordics
  • Managing director at Nielsen Global Adview/Global Media research & competitive analysis at Nielsen Media Research International. Building from scratch into 7 digits global business with Clients like HP, Apple, Kao, BMW 
  • Managing and winning Nielsen's TV Audience Measurement pitches  for CIM Belgium, SKO Netherlands, MMS Sweden
  • Managing director for Nielsen/NIQ Benelux (Sales Tracking/RMS and Media; 'Watch' and 'Buy')
  • Strategy director and advisor to the GfK board; Data integration, Single source/crossmedia panels, Custom research at GfK
  •  Product and business development at Opeepl Copenhagen; Gazelle award for 300%+ growth in 2020; clients like Danone Global, Reckitt DACH and ING Innovation; Innovation, brand and campaign tracking, Ad/Concept testing


"As a Doctor from Wageningen University & Research, I unrevail the mechanisms driving consumer choices, purchases, and desires. My expertise extends beyond research and analysis – I bridge the gap between scientific insights and practical implementation, connecting the power of science with companies. 

Through international background in consumer studies, agriculture, and sustainable food quality management, I guide businesses towards impactful and sustainable practices. Excelling in research, analytics, project management and evaluation, I've made my mark in corporate, government, and market research roles.

Let us embark on this transformative voyage, connecting science with business, where consumer insights lasting success is not only attainable but becomes an integral part of your organization."


  • Extensive knowledge in identifying influential factors behind consumer choices, purchasing decisions, and desires, enabling businesses to strategically customize their products, marketing strategies, and customer experiences.

  • Deep understanding of consumer behavior, empowering companies to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace and create meaningful connections with their target audience.

  • Strong research background with proficiency in conducting surveys, interviews, and utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods to gather crucial information that drives business decisions.

  • Expertise in data analysis, extracting meaningful insights and identifying trends that provide the foundation for informed decision-making, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.

  • Unique blend of analytical, strategic, and communication skills, offering valuable insights that drive informed business decisions and assist companies in achieving their goals.

  • Valuable skill set acquired through education and experience, enabling businesses to tap into my expertise and thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace.


" As an experienced media & research expert, amongst others at media consultancy firms such as Universal Media (IPG) and SvB, I have advised numerous companies and organizations on their branding and promotional campaigns. I have also noticed that campaigns are even more successful if you are able to let see what a brand or product really stands for. And that creations with positive emotions command the attention of the target group, increase the KPIs and realize the desired call to action. Our brand & communication research provides those essential insights. In combination with my media knowledge, I can I provide organizations with optimal brand & communication advice. That grip on communication helps brands and organizations grow.”


  • Extensive knowledge in media strategy, media planning & -execution, media optimization and -evaluation
  • Expertise in data analytics; how communication stimuli interact to mind, intent and behaviour and long term analytics to improve Marketing ROI
  • Worked at Media agency side, for Universal Media (IPG), SvB Media and others, for International clients like H&M, Lexus, Toyota and Unilever and understands how effective ad creation combines with optimal media strategy
  • Founder of Colouring Research to support client on brand & communication projects, concept testing and trackers
  • Founder of Colouring Media to support clients on improving advertising and optimizing advertising expenditures