Experience & knowhow

  •  Advertising & Audience/ Readership research at The Dutch Newspaper Association
  • Media research and Advertising Information Services at BBC Netherlands (sold to Nielsen in 2005) 
  • International/Global Media research at Nielsen Media Research International 
  • TV Audience Measurement  for CIM Belgium and SKO Netherlands
  • Global competitive and Share of Voice analysis at Nielsen
  • Sales Tracking/RMS at NielsenIQ
  • Data integration, Single source panels, Custom research at GfK
  •  Agile research, Low IR Target Audiences,  Mobile sampling at Opeepl
  • Customer Journey, Concept testing (Pack, Flavor, Ad campaign) for Danone, Firmenich
  • Innovation for ING Bank International
  • Brand and Campaign tracking, Ad/Concept testing, Campaign Evaluations at DVJ-Insights

drs Ben van der Werf - Lead Consultant

“My 25+ years of professional experience, working in international roles for established companies like Nielsen, NIQ, GfK and for innovative challengers brought me an extensive, almost unique understanding of the wide range of insights solutions. And building successful businesses as a business leader, I learned that business success depends on a broad and in-depth understanding of the customer, the category and the country to apply this in making relevant, innovative, smart business decisions.

This combination of knowhow and experience will bring insights into the wider business context to really understand how to drive decisions and enabling your successful business cases.”

“We will support our clients in being more than just another market research company, be the truly trusted partner on your path to success.”  

dr Naomí Muñoz Vilches - Lead Researcher

"As a Doctor from Wageningen University & Research, I unrevail the mechanisms driving consumer choices, purchases, and desires. My expertise extends beyond research and analysis – I bridge the gap between scientific insights and practical implementation, connecting the power of science with companies. 

Through international background in consumer studies, agriculture, and sustainable food quality management, I guide businesses towards impactful and sustainable practices. Excelling in research, analytics, project management and evaluation, I've made my mark in corporate, government, and market research roles."

 “Let us embark on this transformative voyage, connecting science with business, where consumer insights lasting success is not only attainable but becomes an integral part of your organization.”